When it feels as if life has been pulled out from beneath you
And you don’t know how you will ever get through
Please know you will see the light of day again
There will come a time when you can start to process and heal your pain

 This thing called life won’t always be fair,
So please allow yourself to be held by those who care
When your world feels dark and heavy
Allow yourself the time and space until you are ready

The darkness, the fears and the pain are all real
You try to suppress them because it is too hard to truly feel
You are scared that feeling your pain will break you
You push through and deny what is true

Rather than pushing through, allow yourself the space
And know that you do not always have to put on a happy face
Surround yourself with beautiful, healing green light
And let your power and strength from within ignite

You are so much stronger than you will ever know
Live for this present moment and not for tomorrow
It is through our darkest times that we grow the most
Use gratitude and compassion as your life’s guidepost

Connect with your heart and allow yourself to feel
Nurture and love yourself so that you can heal
Let the tears flow and then wipe them from your eyes
It is through this darkness that you will rise