Hi! I am Alisha Weston. I am a soul-fuelled Holistic Therapist, mother of three young boys, and wife to an incredible man. 

I am a heart-centred and impact driven space holder and leader. I am a lover of holistic health and integrative medicine. I have trained in Clinical Psychology, Reiki, Kinesiology, Breathwork, Energy Medicine and Yoga. 

I achieve this by transforming my own life first and then teaching others to do the same. 

I am here to lead, inspire, teach and hold space for those that are ready to commit to living an empowered life. 

I work with individuals and couples, facilitate workshops and retreats, speak at soulful events, and provide education and training to Corporate Organisations and communities.

  • My mission is to help lost souls find their way home. To help them rediscover the magic that has always been inside of themselves. 
  • I inspire individuals to awaken to their full potential and to live their best life – one of joy, purpose, meaning and connection. 
  • I am here to assist in raising the collective consciousness and making the world a better place. 
My Story
I have known from such a young age that I am here for a “big reason”.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a burning desire to help people.

At school, I was always the listener, the one who would bring “lost souls” home to befriend them so they were no longer alone.

On more than one occasion, my parents would get home from work and see that I had brought another “lost soul” home with me from school. They never knew what to expect when they walked in the door.

From the beginning of year 8 I knew that I wanted to be a psychologist – although at that age I didn’t know the term psychologist, so I wanted to be a counsellor.

After high school, I went on to do my Psychology degree and worked so incredibly hard to get this done. I sacrificed a lot, but I always had my eye on the end result. I was very determined.

At 18, I became a volunteer telephone counsellor and continued this for 5 years. I would take phone call after phone call at all hours of the night and hold space for people in their darkest hours.

I continued to work as a face-face counsellor and mental health support worker until I finished my Psychology studies.

I have now worked in private practice for the past 10 years and I have been a strong advocate in suicide prevention.

Over the last 5 years, I have deepened into my own healing and discovered a strong connection with spirituality and energy medicine.

I completed several courses, read book after book, listened to podcasts and delved into learning as much as I could. I couldn’t get enough of learning and diving deep into my own self-development.

Spirituality and energy medicine transformed my world. I felt more supported, guided and aligned than I ever had before.

Over time, I discovered that I was highly empathic and intuitive. The way I worked with my clients was changing. I found I was more in tune, present and powerful.

I hid in the spiritual closest for years though as I was so fearful of how this could fit into my work as a Clinical Psychologist.

Slowly over time and with a lot of personal work, I have started to trust that I CAN be a bridge between spirituality and psychology.

I recently experienced burnout, and this woke me up to what I wasn’t listening to.

I was still playing small, wearing a mask and pushing too hard. I prioritised everyone else’s needs over my own.

This woke me up to some big changes that I needed to commit to, and it is because of those changes and hitting burnout that I now step out in this world as the powerful, feminine and soul-fuelled psychologist that I am.

I have removed my mask and I now only choose work that makes me feel centred, nurtured and aligned.

I thank YOU for being on this journey with me.

Are you ready to TRANSFORM yourself and live your best life???


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