The problem is….we think we have time.

✨Time to make that phone call another day.

✨Check in with our loved ones when we are not so busy.

✨Apologise when our ego is not in the way.

✨ Express our love for others only when we know the love will be returned.

✨ Put off living our dreams until the day we are “ready”.

✨ Travel and explore the world once we retire.

✨Put happiness on hold until we have enough dollars in the bank.

✨ Hide our vulnerabilities and soft side until it is too late.

✨Step out with courage only when we know we won’t fail.

Stop putting limitations on your life and waiting for that “perfect” day. There is no more opportune time than NOW. After all, no one on this earth is guaranteed another day.


Show up. Be seen. Tell your loved ones how much you care. Hold them tight and don’t let go. Forgive yourself and others. Smell the roses. Enjoy the sunshine. Pick up the phone. Nurture yourself. Smile. Allow yourself permission to feel JOY!