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Please note that I am currently at full capacity with my individual psychology clients.

To book in for my holistic health therapies, please see below.

Spiritual Mentoring & Coaching

This session is for those who are seeking guidance through spiritual mentoring or coaching. It is for those who are committed and ready to do the internal work to improve their life for the better.

Sessions can be in person or online. These sessions are individualised to each person and their specific goals.

60 minutes – $200

Breathwork and Sound Healing

A breathwork journey can be a powerful approach to trauma healing and self-empowerment. A breathwork session involves using accelerated breathing to access non-ordinary states of consciousness. It is a powerful way to drop out of your mind and into your body and access material stored in the subconscious mind.

A breathwork journey may include kinesiology, energy healing, sound healing and grounding and trauma integration tools. 

90 minutes – $200

Intuitive Healing Session

An energy healing session where Alisha will intuitively draw on her training and expertise in holistic health modalities such as kinesiology, Reiki, sound healing, breathwork, oracle readings, yoga and psychology. 

60 MINUTES – $150

Human Design Reading

Human design is a system that combines astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and the chakra system to create a unique blueprint for an individual’s life. It is empowerment tool to help you to see how amazing, unique and gifted you truly are and helps you to live a more aligned life with purpose.

A human design reading involves going through your unique human design chart that is based on your birth date, time, and location of birth. In these reading, Alisha incorporates her knowledge of psychology and energy medicine to help you understand and embody who you truly are. 

90 MINUTES – $150

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