Every day in my clinic I think about how privileged I am to do this work.

To see past someone’s mask and deep into their soul is a privilege.

To witness change and transformation at the deepest level is an honour.

To be trusted to hold the space for someone in difficult times is enriching.

Throughout the therapy process, it is usually the client thanking the therapist for helping them.

If only our clients knew how much we had to thank them for also.

Thank you for trusting me.

Thank you for letting me see you.

Thank you for helping me to learn and to expand.

Thank you for helping me to hold more love and compassion.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

I know it is not always easy for you but I respect and honour that in you.

You keep fighting and showing up anyway.

Thank you for teaching me to have this strength in my own life.

Thank you for teaching me that I too must show vulnerability and authenticity.

Thank you for reminding me that deep down we are all the same. Different experiences, different challenges but all flawed, vulnerable and imperfect ✨💚