Sometimes we can have the expectation that our healing “should” be linear.

We have asked for help and we have committed to doing the inner work, so all should be smooth sailing from now on.


Not exactly…

In order to heal, we need to be able to feel ALL the emotions.

Healing is not bypassing the tough parts.

Healing is rolling up your sleeves and moving towards the uncomfortable.

It is wiping the dark fog away from your eyes and learning to see in a different way.

It is learning to sit in moments of sadness, anxiety and overwhelm.

It is learning to turn down the volume of your criticism while holding hands with self-compassion.

It is giving yourself permission to feel joy and happiness.

It is smashing the glass ceiling that you have subconsciously placed above your head.

It is exploring the self-sabotages and repeated patterns with curiosity and wonder.

It is looking at your past traumas and understanding the way they impact your life.

It is calling back the lost parts of yourself and reclaiming who you are.

Healing changes you at a deep level – cognitively, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Sometimes the healing will be smooth and will flow with ease.

Other days it will be excruciating and hard to face.

On the hard days, I want you to know that you can do this, and it will be worth it.

It won’t be smooth sailing or linear, but our human experience isn’t either.

We all have good days. Messy days. Painful days.

When we give ourselves permission to feel our pain and ride out the waves of emotion, we allow our pain and trauma to be transformed into love.

When we open our arms and hearts to healing, we open our minds to a life more fulfilling that we could ever have imagined.  

Your healing is possible.

Embrace the highs and lows and the messiness in between.

It is time to stop putting your life on hold and embrace the magic and opportunities that are there waiting for you.