I’m Alisha and welcome to my online home.   

My mission is to help you rediscover the magic that has always been inside of you.  I hope you find inspiration within these pages to help you find your way back home. 

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Healing is not linear

Healing is not linear

Sometimes we can have the expectation that our healing “should” be linear.
We have asked for help and we have committed to doing the inner work, so all should be smooth sailing from now on.
Not exactly…
In order to heal, we need to be able to feel ALL the emotions.
Healing is not bypassing the tough parts.
Healing is rolling up your sleeves and moving towards the uncomfortable.

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Hey! I’m Alisha

I’m so happy your here…

Amongst so many things, I am a soul-fuelled Holistic Therapist, mother of three young boys, and wife to an incredible man.


I am a heart-centred and impact driven space holder and leader, and a lover of holistic health and integrative medicine. I have a zest for learning which has lead me train in Clinical Psychology, Reiki, Kinesiology, breathwork, Yoga, and Energy Medicine. 

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