I am sitting here pondering ~ how have we got things so wrong in our society??? The stigma surrounding seeking mental health support and the notion that it is weak to speak. What I witness in my clinic every day is powerful beyond measure. If people saw what therapists saw – mental health, speaking up and weakness would never be used in the same sentence again. It takes VULNERABILITY, COURAGE and STRENGTH to allow yourself to be truly seen by another. I often have sessions so powerful that they leave me speechless and with a small tear in my eye. When you witness someone shifting a lifetime of trauma and limiting beliefs – it would be impossible (at least in my eyes) to see weakness. When you look at someone with tears rolling down their face and know that the “work” you have just witnessed will change them on a deep level. To know that they are leaving your therapy room a different person to who they were when they walked in an hour ago is incredible. A person who looks deep within themselves to transform their lives for the better is a fierce warrior. Let’s change our dialogue around mental health support and see it for what it actually is!! A strength! Speak up, reach out and get support if you need it ❤️