She got caught up in the rushing.
The overwhelming responsibilities.
The crowded calendar.
The to-do-list.
The heaviness of life.
She felt trapped.
She had lost a part of herself.
She had lost the carefree child in her.
The one who used to run free.
The one who used to play.
Not take life so seriously.
She missed her.
She missed the space.
She missed the lightness.
And she knew she needed to find that little lost part of herself.
She needed to reconnect.
To nurture herself.
To clear space in her overcrowded days.
To follow the things that light her up.
To let go and surrender more.
To close her eyes and turn within.
To quieten her overburdened mind.
And then within the silence…it came.
She had arrived.
She felt spacious and free.
She felt connected and whole.
The stress within her body had melted away.
Her mind was still.
She was light and carefree once again.
She had arrived home. ✨💗